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Based on our superb Internet cars, we wish to attract our customers with a refreshing experience with our new technologies, new designs and new business models.
We want to redefine the whole process of how people own, use and maintain a car, so that we could deliver excellent user experience which beyond the expectation of our customers.

We are determined to serve our customers with extraordinary products. We get our customers involved in the developing process and listen to them carefully to build a car that meet their needs properly.

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Xiaopeng Motors is invested by He Xiaopeng, the founder of UC Web, Li Xueling, the founder of YY, Fu Sheng, the CEO of Cheetah Mobile, Wu Xiaoguang, executive of Tencent, Zhang Ying, GP of Matrix Partners China and other famous VC and public companies.

Most of our members come from GAC, PSA, BYD, Ford, Delphi and other famous car companies, Alibaba, Tencent, Samsung, Huawei and other famous Internet companies.